DiamondMesa® Pattern Electrodes

Our Exclusive DiamondMesa® Electrodes Offer Up To 40% More Treatment Capability

DiamonMesaOur exclusive electrode design provides a truly uniform distribution of high voltage potential points. As a result, the DiamondMesa® electrode provides you with the highest treatment levels of any electrode available on the market today. This special electrode design allows you to reduce your power requirements by up to one third. In addition, our exclusive ERA “Electrode Retrofit Assembly” can be installed into many existing treater stations providing the benefit of our superior channel design, our DiamondMesa® pattern and our DiamondTuf® coating.

Other Outstanding Features

DiamonMesa Diagram

All segments and support members are aluminum for corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and heat dissipation. Electrode segments are prepared with our DiamondTuf® hard coat Teflon® surface, which dramatically cuts oxidation build up, eliminates electrode sticking due to oxidation and makes the segments much more durable.