Rigid Web Corona Treater

Our Innovative PowerHouse® Rigid Web Treater Station is built on performance and features

Our PowerHouse® Rigid Web Treater Stations provide you with the most effective treatment technology available for continuous rigid web applications. We offer the widest variety of electrode configurations and roll coating solutions. Our rugged all aluminum construction is designed to withstand the rigors of a high production facility and eliminate the corrosive effects of ozone. Our attention to quality and detail cuts required maintenance to practically zero.

The key innovation of the PowerHouse® Rigid Web Treater Station is the ability of the station to accept different web thickness without changing the electrode air gap. Material thicknesses up to 15mm can be treated with no adjustments to the treater station.

In order to generate a uniform corona discharge on thick materials, a special corona generator design is required that eliminates pinholes and burning on the edge of the web. Our PowerSource II® UHF corona generator includes a completely new high voltage transformer design that provides sufficient primary and secondary voltages without excessive heat rise in the windings. In addition to the voltage requirements, an output frequency range of 20-30 KHz is necessary for thick rigid materials.

Outstanding Design Features

All stations come with safety interlock switches on all door enclosures. These switches prevent operation when the doors are open. Also, a switch is mounted on the end panel to prevent operation when the station is open.

Rigid Web
  • DiamondTuf® Hardcoat anodized Idler rolls are included at the web entry and exit to stabilize the web under the electrode.
  • All stations are designed to meet the needs of minimal roll contact with the surface of the web by using lightweight aluminum core rolls and free turning bearings. The rolls can also be driven, if necessary.
  • The pneumatic control system includes a check valve to keep the station safely open in case of a loss of air pressure. High quality air cylinders open and close the treater station reliably.
  • Linear bearings provide for smooth movement of the moveable section of the treater station.