Roll Coatings

You Get More Than Just Rolls And Roll Coatings… You Get Solutions

When you select your rolls and coatings from Corona Dynamics, our expertise comes with your purchase - free of charge. We work with you to develop solutions to your roll or roll coatings needs...not just to sell you a product or service. Our experts are available to assist you with insights gained with more than 35 years experience in roll manufacturing, repair, and coating services.

Corona Treater Roll Coatings

PowerTreat Compound

A comprehensive seamless silicone based coating. The high dielectric strength and tolerance to high temperatures make this a cost effective alternative to ceramic coating. The elastomeric properties permit coating aluminum or steel and especially larger roll sizes. It can be easily repaired in the field with our PowerTreat repair kit.

  • Thickness – 0.090 - 0.125 inches nominal
  • Surface Area Requirement - 300 sq. in./per kW
  • Warranty – 18 Months (limited)
  • Dielectric Strength – 650v/mil

PowerCoat® Epoxy

This epoxy coating has been the industry standard for more than 2 years. The hardness of PowerCoat® provides excellent resiliency, and it has the elasticity for use with aluminum roll cores as well as steel roll cores. The PowerCoat® coating can be easily repaired in the field with our PowerPatch® epoxy repair kit.

  • Thickness - 0.125 inches nominal
  • Surface Area Requirement - 500 sq. in./kW
  • Warranty - 1 year (limited)
  • Dielectric Strength – 380v/mil

PowerTuf® Ceramic

This long lasting, high dielectric strength ceramic coating provides a hard surface and heat resistance for special applications. The surface is extremely resistant to abrasions. Our PowerTuf® ceramic coating can be applied to either steel or aluminum roll cores.

  • Thickness - 0.060 inches nominal
  • Surface Area Requirement - #300 sq. in./kW
  • Warranty - 2 year (limited)
  • Dielectric Strength – 500v/mil

Silicone Sleeves

The silicone sleeve offers the most convenience because it can be replaced in the field and is available for immediate shipment. Available sizes are 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 6.0, and 8.0 inch diameters.

  • Thickness - 0.080 inches nominal
  • Surface Area Requirement - 500 sq. in./kW

Special Abrasion Resistant & High Release Coatings

  • DiamondTuf® - for aluminum rolls only. Teflon impregnated hardcoat anodized for high release and high abrasion resistance.
  • Standard Hardcoat Anodized - an industry standard for abrasion and chemical protection.
  • Thermalease - ultra high release and ultra high temperature tolerance.
  • Teflon Topcoat - ultra high release and easily resurfaced.
  • PowerTuf II® ceramic - light weight surface coating (0.002”-0.006” thick) valued for its ultra smooth surface and tremendous abrasion resistance. Great alternative to chrome.
  • Tungsten Carbide - hardest, most abrasion resistant coating available.
  • Urethane - the most durable and abrasion resistant of all rubber coatings.
  • TracCoat - ultra high release with ultra high traction silicone based coating.