Sheet Fed Treater Stations

The Innovative Approach to Treating Rigid Plastic and Corrugated Sheets is Corona Dynamics’ PowerHouse® Sheet Fed Corona Treater Station

The management team of Corona Dynamics, LLC has been on the cutting edge of development in Corona Treating, roll building and roll coatings since 1974. Corona Treatment of rigid sheets as thick as 0.6 inches requires a different approach to the design of the corona treatment system. Today’s material thickness and the lack of flexibility in the sheet, dictates that the standard treater designs of the past will not work. Our development of the PowerHouse® Sheet Fed treatment station is another Innovation in design, and technology. Corona Dynamics continually strives to provide a superior level of service and products. Whether it is our PowerCoat® epoxy roll coating, our patented DiamondMesa® pattern electrode, our DiamondTuf® coating, or our PowerTreat® electrodes, these exclusive features plus many more exhibit our commitment to providing our customer’s the most advanced treater station available anywhere

Designed With The End User In Mind

For treatment of rigid sheets and corrugated materials, you’ll find our PowerHouse® Sheet Fed Treater Station is designed with the end user in mind. Suitable for wide web or narrow web applications, the PowerHouse® Sheet Fed Treater Station can be configured with a variety of

Sheet Fed Treater
  • Linear bearings provide for smooth movement of the moveable section of the treater station.
  • Hardcoat anodized Idler rolls are included at the web entry and exit to stabilize the web under the electrode.
  • All stations come with safety interlock switches on all door enclosures. These switches prevent operation when the doors are open. Also, a switch is mounted on the end panel to prevent operation when the station is open.


Other Options Are Also Available

There are several other options available to improve the use or performance of the PowerHouse® Sheet Fed corona treater.

  • Digital Air Gap Indicators provide an exact reading of the actual air gap above the surface of the web
  • Loss of Treat Indicator detects the loss of high voltage output and activates an alarm
  • Variable Speed D.C. Roll Drive Systems with line speed following capability are also available

Special Corona Generator Designs

In order to generate a uniform corona discharge on thick materials, a special corona generator design is required to eliminate pinholes and burns on the edge of the web. Our PowerSource II UHF corona generator includes a completely new high voltage transformer design that provides sufficient primary and secondary voltages without excessive heat rise in the windings. In addition to the voltage requirements, an output frequency range of 20-30 KHz is necessary for thick rigid materials.