Split Box

Our PowerHouse® Split Box Treater Station Provides Maximum Ease of Use and the Highest Quality Treatment Available

Innovation in corona treatment technology has driven the management team at Corona Dynamics for more than 35 years. This expert team has provided technological leadership in corona treatment, roll building and specialized roll coatings and has worked diligently to advance and improve the process of corona treatment. This advancement is evident in the design of PowerHouse® and our PowerHouse II® split box corona treaters.

Designed With The End User In Mind

For nearly all wide web or narrow web corona treatment applications, you’ll find our PowerHouse® and PowerHouse II® split box treater stations are designed with the end user in mind. When our engineers began designing the split box treater, their specifications came directly from our customer’s operators. This design offers maximum ease of use, application flexibility, and the most reliable, highest quality corona treatment of any manufacturer. Our all aluminum design makes our treater stations corrosion proof and reduces the required maintenance to practically zero. The PowerHouse® and PowerHouse II® treater stations will provide you with the most effective treatment technology available. Treating a non-conductive substrate, your station will have our patented DiamondMesa® pattern electrode. This special electrode design improves the wettability provided from 10 to 40 percent over any other electrode in the market.

Our DiamondMesa® electrodes are coated with our unique DiamondTuf® hard surface coating that eliminates time-consuming oxidation problems and extends the life of the electrode. These electrodes can be segmented, allowing you to vary your web widths and provide you the ability to “stripe” or “lane” treat. For corona treatment of conductive substrates our exclusive PowerTreat electrode will out perform other conductive electrode designs. This unbreakable electrode is not subject to the same limitations common to other conductive treater stations. It requires no special cooling or support system. Because it is not a tubular design, it is not susceptible to the same causes of breakage common with other bare roll electrodes. One PowerTreat electrode provides the equivalent dwell time as other electrodes using multiple ceramic tubes.

Split Box

Outstanding Design Features

  • All stations come with safety interlock switches on all door enclosures. These switches prevent operation when the doors are open. Also, a switch is mounted on the end panel to prevent operation when the station is open.
  • The station is enclosed for easy removal of ozone and greater safety.
  • Custom designs are available to meet any of your treating needs. Our stations can be used for both conventional and conductive material applications as well as an air purge package is available for hazardous environments.
  • The split box design offers you the easiest possible approach to straight through thread up of any web.
  • Two side treatment is available for either treating the outside layers of a bubble or both sides of a single layer. A double split box design is available for the treatment of four sides of a bubble.
  • The external air gap adjustment knobs make this process very simple, and digital air gap indicators are available as an option .

Split Box Features

All stations come with safety interlock switches on all door enclosures. These switches prevent operation when the doors are open. Also, a switch is mounted on the end panel to prevent operation when the station is open.

All stations are designed to operate to meet the needs of thin films and lower web tensions by using lightweight aluminum core rolls and free turning bearings. The rolls can also be driven, if necessary.

Additional features available from Corona Dynamics

  • Our exclusive PosiTreat horizontal electrode adjustment system. This timesaving option allows the operator the ability to precisely position the electrode segments over the web by being able to move the electrode laterally across the roll face.
  • Treater roll coatings compatible for every application. The most significant advancement in corona treating in years is the development of our exclusive PowerTreat roll coating. This alternative to ceramic coatings addresses the need for a high dielectric coating at an economical price, which can be applied to any roll core at any size Also, our PowerCoat® epoxy coating has been an economical industry standard for more than a quarter of a century. It is recognized for its durability and rapid turn time. Those applications that require a ceramic coating will have our PowerTuf® ceramic. This is a hard surface, high dielectric strength coating for specific applications. For economy and convenience we also offer silicone sleeves in diameters from 1.5 inches to 8 inches.
  • Safety is our primary concern especially in hazardous environments. Our Air Purge corona treaters are designed to operate in a Class I, Type X environment as established by the National Fire Protection Association.

The PowerHouse® and PowerHouse II® treater stations in conjunction with our PowerSource II® corona generators are the best designed, best built, most durable and operator friendly systems on the market today.