Family of Rotationaly Cast Silicone

Corona Dynamics, LLC. has developed a family of seamless, rotationally cast, silicone industrial roll coating products. This product line typically provides solutions for special applications by supplying superior release and high heat resistance characteristics.

  • Thermalease provides superior roll coating release characteristics as compared to other elastomeric coatings
  • Thermalease is resistant to continuous heat up to 450oF with Thermalease HT available with continuous heat resistance of up to 600oF.
  • The seamless application of Thermalease to your roll is accomplished through the dynamic distribution of our silicone compound while in a viscous state. This process eliminates the seams commonly found in “strip building” applications.
  • Thermalease can be modified with a particulate material to provide a specified exture as used in, but not limited to, embossing applications. Our Roll Coating Department will custom blend your coating to your specification.
  • Thermalease provides superior bonding capabilities to steel and aluminum core when compared to other elastomeric compounds. Thereby, reducing the opportunities for de-lamination under extreme nip pressure.
  • Corona Dynamics has the capability to process rolls up to 20-inch diameter and up to 200 inches between centers.